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One of the greatest commandments that Jesus gave was for us to go into the

world and share the good news! At F2FWC, you will be encouraged every week,

to go and win somebody for the Lord Jesus Christ. There are so many ways to

win a soul to Christ.

Our ministries are designed to encourage discipleship. $We place emphases on

developing relationships, with God and one another through servitude, corporate

worship, and outreach.

These ministries amongst others are here to serve and give opportunity for

people to serve one another.


  • V.O.W. Praise & Worship Ministry

  • F.A.C.E. Drama & Arts Ministry

  • P.U.S.H. Intercessory/Prayer Ministry

  • In-Reach/Out-Reach Ministry

  • D.I.A. Women's Ministry

  • Man-Talk Men's Ministry

  • Youth In God’s Face Ministry

Ministry Contact Information

Prayer & Bible Study Conference Call Line:


Church Administrator (Denise Page, Eartha Page):


Pastor Anthony (Tony) Page


Ministry Leaders:

Tonya Poindexter:  Ministry Leader - V.O.W. & FACE Arts & Drama Ministry

Eartha Page:  Ministry Leader - D.I.A. Ministry

Ramon Hatten:  Ministry Leader - In-Reach/Out-Reach Ministry

Mary Poindexter:  Ministry Leader - P.U.S.H. Ministry

Marcus Page:  Ministry Leader - Man Talk Ministry

Denise Page:  Ministry Leader: Finance/Greeters/Hospitality

Alicia Stewart-Smith:  Ministry Leader – Media Ministry

Administrative Team:  Mary Poindexter, Denise Page, Eartha Page



Marcus Page

Barbara Pringle

Gwen Robinson

Michael Shine

Pamela Wright

Pastoral Team:

Administrative Pastor Rose Bonner


Administrative Pastor Vincent Farrell


Associate Pastor Anthony M. Pringle, Jr.


Lead Pastor Anthony (Tony) X. Page


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