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Face2Face Worship Center
9121 Piscataway Road #4B
Clinton, MD  20735
Phone:  1 (301) 744-9927

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Our Audience

Face2Face Worship Center (F2FWC) is a life-giving, multicultural, non-traditional church where relationships are created, hearts are convicted, lives are converted, and generations are conformed. 


We are a church mandated to provide reconciliation, restoration and healing for the “Peter Generation” - Mark 16:7.  


You may ask who or what is the “Peter Generation?”


Well, If you've ever felt rejected, alienated or discouraged by your traditional church experience; If you've been  called rebel, outcast, or rough around the edges... then F2FWC is the place for you!!!


We celebrate your differences and welcome your fire!  Come back and be a part of this “Peter Generation” Church - your fire combined with our fire will consume the world for Christ!!