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The Mission of Face2Face Worship Center (F2FWC) is to be a perfect place for imperfect people, a life-giving, multicultural, non-traditional church where relationships are created, hearts are convicted, lives are converted, and generations are conformed. 


Our Vision: 


The Outreach Ministry goal is to help rebuild lives and create a community atmosphere where people gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of their identity and purpose. 


We seek to serve others and demonstrate the unconditional love and forgiveness of Christ. 


As a house of prayer and compassion, it is our hope that all who come into our community are empowered and motivated to succeed in whatever sphere of life they find themselves. 




In fiscal year 2023, F2FWC developed relationships with the Alexandria Virginia and Prince William County Jails serving onsite at their Adult Detention Centers (ADC).  We have contracted to write the curriculum that assist the inmates in the areas of Life Skills, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution and Identity Development.

A List of the Specific Trainings Are:

1. Why Men Stop Talking

2. Developing Leadership Skills

3. Public Speaking

4. Anger Management

5. Male Communication Skills 


Additionally we have established an Annual Clothing Closet where men and women in the community and other regions can come and get new and gingerly used high end and designer clothing for free.


We have also adopted a Prince George's County Elementary School that allows us to partner with the students and faculty through:


a) Student Uniform Donations

b) Student School Supplies 

c) Celebrations of teachers and staff through providing learning tools, arts and crafts supplies, food, and support to international students


F2FWC desires to build bridges between inmates, returning citizens, schools, the community, and the population, to ensure that individuals are able to perform at their maximum potential, and become the best citizens they can be.


Our mandate is to introduce people to the love of Christ, to be a safe place for them to learn, grow and become the person God created them to be.

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